Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dude! What’s the best DSLR camera with HD Video out there?

What’s the best DSLR camera with HD Video out there?

Dude! What’s up? So what’s the best DSLR camera with HD Video out there? I’ll tell ya. It’s a DSLR attached to an HD video camera via the patent-pending, steel, adjustable 45surf® Dual Dueler.™ First there was double-barreled-shotgun, and then Led Zepplin made that double-necked Gibson® guitar famous. And now, with the 45surf® Dual Dueler™, you can go into your shoots with both guns—both your DLSR and your HD video camera—blazing.

No matter how good the DLSRs get at shooting HD video, they won’t be able to capture both HD video and high-quality stills simultaneously. If you want to shoot a burst of full-frame stills to catch the surfer’s action—her quick 360s and cutbacks—with your Canon 5D Mark II, you will have to interrupt the HD capture. If you want to shoot HD bro, you can’t be shooting stills.

DLSR video/audio/focusing/zooming/formats/ease-of-use leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the video capabilities of basic HD camcorders, while stills off of HD Video cameras fall far short of DLSR quality. The patent-pending 45surf® Double Dueler™ is awesome in that by connecting a DLSR camera with an HD Video camera, via the standard ¼” female camera mounts, several advantages are realized:

1) Shoot both optimal-quality continuous stills & continuous HD video simultaneously!
2) Shoot DSLR HD video and video on an HD camera simultaneously, while providing varied zooms and depths-of-fields for the final edit!
3) Leverage the natural audio capabilities of the HD Camcorder, including audio monitoring and adjustable sound levels!
4) Leverage the superior auto-focus systems and zooming capabilities of the standard HD Cameras!
5) Let the cameras add balance and stabilization to one-another, and suddenly you can use both hands to better guide your HD camcorder!

Without the double dueler™, you’ve gotta choose. One or the other. Stills or video. There you are at the wedding and the bride is kissing the groom—and you’ve got to choose, one or the other—stills or video. Your kid is scoring the winning goal, or blowing out their birthday candles—and you’ve got to choose—one or the other. Suppose you’re shooting a red-carpet event as Taylor Swift walks on by telling you her phone number—do you capture what she’s saying to you, or just the stills for the magazine you’re working for?

Suppose you’re working with a model on the beach during the magic hour and the light is catching her eyes in that perfect way; or the perfect wave is washing over her. Do you shoot video of it? Or stills? Do you make her come back on out the next day to shoot whichever you didn’t catch, or do you cowboy up and order the patent-pending 45surf® Double Dueler™.

Double your productivity—double your fun—double your chances out there of catching something awesome!

A must for professional wedding photographers, sports photographers, and parents who want to capture the fleeting spirit of the special moment! NO LONGER WILL YOU NEED TO DECIDE BETWEEN CATCHING THE SURFER’S EPHEMERAL TRICKS AND STUNTS IN STILLS OR VIDEO, BUT YOU CAN CAPTURE THE INSTANT’S MAGIC IN BOTH. Let the HD Video & DSLR Cameras provide extra balance and stabilization for one-another!

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